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Distribution, marketing & promotion Edit

Upload your music Edit

Bandcamp - iTunes - Soundcloud - Spotify - Youtube - Uploading music tips

Social media Edit

Facebook - Instagram - Snapchat - tumblr - Twitter - Vine - Social media tips

Release Edit

Release an album - Release a single

Marketing & promotion Edit

Mailing list - Website - Build a fanbase - Marketing & promotion tips

You as an artist Edit

Your image - Your story - Your USP

 Creating music Edit

The creative process Edit

Writing lyrics - Writing music

Recording Edit

Programming music - Recording bass - Recording drums - Recording guitars - Recording vocals

Mixing & mastering Edit

Mixing - Mastering

Effects & settings Edit

Compression - EQ - Highpass-filter - Limiter

Hardware Edit

Basses - Computers - Guitars - Headphones - Microphones - MIDI Keyboards - Soundcards - Speakers

Software Edit


Useful links Edit

Forums - Independent musician blogs - Music blogs - Music uploading sites - Social media platforms